Digital Strategy

DaVita Clinical Research’s (DCR) marketing and communications address distinct audiences across multiple, interdependent channels.

DCR manages clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

To sell trials, however, they need access to study participants. We created two unique marketing identities for these disparate audiences:

b2b-web-development to market to potential trial sponsors.

B2B Strategy

We started B2B marketing efforts by conducting a survey of DCR clients and leading a branding workshop with DCR leadership. Through the client survey, we were able to identify perceived strengths and weaknesses of DCR – these findings highlighted target areas to improve messaging and outreach opportunities. In the brand workshop we worked with DCR to create: target customer groups and appeals for each, a competitor landscape and how DCR fit in, and mission and values statements.

The findings from the client survey and brand workshop shaped the visual direction, voice and message of a range of outputs we identified and created:

  • Website
  • Online ads
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Tradeshow presence
  • Brochures
  • SEO
  • Document templates
b2c-web-development to encourage and recruit trial participants.

B2C Strategy

We started B2C marketing efforts with a robust research inquiry into motivations and barriers to participating in clinical trials. We created and fielded three surveys: one for previous DCR trial participants, one for experienced participants that had never done a DCR trial, and another for the general public that had never participated in any trials. After compiling the findings, we held one-on-one interviews with select members of each group to identify and refine messaging and outreach opportunities.

The findings from these strategic inquiries shaped the visual direction, voice and message of a range of touch points we identified and developed:

  • Website
  • Online ads and landing pages
  • Direct mail
  • Posters
  • Transit ads
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Brochures
  • SEO

Digital Strategy is Scalable

Your digital needs may be fewer or greater than DCR’s. The brand workshop offers an affordable entry into developing a strategic vision. We also offer research services ranging from simple surveys to in-depth ethnographic research to help you get your customer’s perspective. You also may not need all the outputs we created for DCR – we’ll let your unique digital strategy drive your needs.

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