Research for Communication Design, Customer Experience and Satisfaction

As an experienced marketing professional, you already have a sense of your customers’ wants and needs. Whether you’re looking to check in on these hunches from time to time, or you’ve been tasked with validating your understandings, voice of the customer research can help you:

  • Identify opportunities for product and service innovation
  • Refine your communication and outreach strategy to improve customer satisfaction
  • Test designs and messages and collect feedback

Tapping into the voice of the customer is a primarily qualitative endeavor and includes onsite, in-depth interviewing techniques and is often supplemented with focus groups and surveys aimed to improve your understanding of your customers.

It is also an exercise in empathy and understanding as we try to understand what is it like to be you, what are your objectives, and how can we help you meet them?

Our brief project studies, shown here, illustrate how customer research can improve your communications and marketing:

  1. We interviewed IT decision makers to help Webroot understand the product selection process for their enterprise solutions. We learned that the decision maker is not necessarily the person creating the “short list” of potential vendors, so we created a series of tools to help that individual compile their “short list” and easily share information about Webroot’s solutions.
  2. We interviewed Bonfils Blood Center blood donors to understand how they experienced the organization’s donor outreach programs to help improve communications by identifying the most effective messengers, messages and channels while also increasing their frequency of donation.
  3. We worked with Best Buy to understand how and where consumers shop for exercise equipment as the company explored how to integrate the product lines into their stores. Feedback from consumers helped to refine the selection to be sold at Best Buy in a way that fit with how consumers already experienced the Best Buy brand.

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“Your audience gives you everything you need. They tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience.”

– Fanny Brice

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