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SPK Media offers electronic communications solutions to help you reach your audiences and to maintain ongoing and reliable communications.

Work with the best in Denver branding and communication:

SPK Media was founded in 2004 as a strategic co-mingling of electronic design and audience research practices. Our strength is in our ability to think like our clients and their customers, and this gives us the unique ability to anticipate your needs and identify opportunities before they arise.

Jesse Brettin


Jesse Brettin leads SPK Media’s design practice. Jesse is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and is proficient in a range of design technologies. He specializes in design facilitation and requirements gathering as well as implementation and overall creative management.

David Shaw


David Shaw leads SPK Media’s research practice. David has a Ph.D. in Media Studies with emphases in visual communication and audience ethnography. He contributes strategic vision to SPK’s design projects as well as research services for our clients’ technology and online user studies.

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