Design Feedback Loop

Design is an iterative process. We typically present a board of options for a logo and tag line or a few homepage designs for a website design project. Often, after review and discussion, elements from competing concepts are combined and presented for further review. Generally, this process yields clear “winners” when it comes to design.

But sometimes we need to expand the design discussions beyond the project team. For example, when branding a wellness program for oil and gas workers, we’d prefer to get buy-in from likely participants instead of having insurance executives and design strategists making all the decisions.

In one day of concept testing, at your location or one of our arranging, we can accommodate 10-12 feedback sessions. You’ll get video of your target audiences or customer groups talking about proposed designs and weighing them against one another. This feedback is ideal for understanding opinions about:

If your audience is more dispersed, we can create an online survey as part of the design feedback loop. You won’t get to hear people talking about why they prefer one concept over the other, but you can get written comments and reach a lot more customers – but be careful, we don’t want to expand the feedback loop too much by reaching out to too many consumers for feedback at this early stage!

You’re investing in your brand and design, and the design feedback loop with real consumers can provide you the confidence you need to move forward. It can also save a lot of pain and money if we learn that your understanding of your customers isn’t quite up to par.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

– Norm Abram, This Old House

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