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Redesigns need not be massive undertakings. Just look at these recent projects to understand the motivations for what we’re calling site refreshes.

DaVita Clinical Research

Web platform technologies have remained fairly stable over the last few years; if we built your site within that timeframe, it should be holding up just fine across devices and browsers. This period of stability, however, introduces another problem – a stale look and feel.

To refresh DCR’s website, we made a handful of changes: new homepage banners, new internal page headers, new content layouts within the pages. We did this all with minimal attention to the technology and for about 25% the cost of a new website. While the difference may not be dramatic, it is noticeable – especially to clients who (you hope) visit your site regularly!



As part of our partner group at, David was involved in user testing on the adorne website. Within two days of studying consumers using the adorne site, David and Scott were able to identify a series of quick hits to make the website more consumer friendly.

Like the DCR refresh, this was all design and interface improvements with minimal technological intervention. We renamed the confusing navigation titles, created educational banners and section headers, and moved content around the sitemap to places that matched user expectations uncovered through user feedback.


Feel free to Contact Us if you’re interested in exploring if a quick refresh might be right for your website!

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