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Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn subscriber tool that offers sales and business development professionals and small business owners insights into, and access to, leads and accounts within their book of business – even if they’re not officially connected through the member site.

In preparing for a redesign of the subscriber onboarding experience, we partnered with the Sales Navigator team to:

  • Identify which features to promote during the onboarding
  • Understand the best methods of outreach during onboarding
  • Recommend a preferred timeline for onboarding and education

To accomplish these goals, we went right to the users. With the help of LinkedIn, we identified 8 recently onboarded subscribers and 8 seasoned, or expert, users for a series of one-on-one online interviews.

Why these people?

Interviewing new users allowed us to collect feedback on the onboarding experience through the recall of a very recent experience. Interviewing expert users allowed us to identify the features they valued most, over time, so we could infuse new training with those insights. Comparing feedback from the two groups also allowed us to identify the chasm between anticipated and realized experiences so that the team could craft messaging to support real, not imagined, results.


Why online?

Online interviews are a cost-effective way to engage a number of users, across geographies, quickly and easily. Our online video platforms allow for face-to-face communication (one-on-one or in small groups), screen sharing to test stimulus and watch users navigate software and websites, and easy recording to preserve the encounter for analysis and team review.

What about results?

Through interviewing two groups of eight users, we were able to identify opportunities to improve the onboarding experience in terms of content, preferred learning and communication modes, and ongoing refreshers.

The 2019 roll-out of the Sales Navigator redesign is supported by new training proposed through our research. The software, itself, even includes new features identified through our research. In short, UER was a win win for LinkedIn!

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