Looking to update the visual characteristics of their iconic brand, Miller Lite, Miller Brewing undertook a yearlong process to understand how various branding updates would be received and understood by their current customers.


In conjunction with outside quantitative research firms, our researcher participated in four rounds of design and brand research over a one-year period. In each round, traditional focus groups were used to gauge broad findings and highlights. Individual interviews pulled single individuals out of these focus groups to gauge sole reaction to specific concepts. Outside of a focus group facility, researchers conducted in-home buddy groups with relevant demographic groups to gauge reaction to the range of concepts being considered. Additionally, intercept interviews were conducted both in stores and in bars with a number of different concepts displayed in a retail environment to gauge actual consumer reaction in a natural setting. Interviews were conducted and recorded in all of these natural settings.


Multiple rounds of qualitative research using a variety of ethnographic methods culminated in the successful update of all Miller Lite branding and marketing materials.

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