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User Research for Design Innovation

As an experienced marketing professional, you already have a sense of your customers’ wants and needs. Whether you’re looking to check in on these hunches from time to time, or you’ve been tasked with validating your understandings, voice of the customer (VOC) research can help you:

  • Identify opportunities for product and service innovation
  • Test designs and messages and collect feedback
  • View and review user behavior
  • Prioritize needs as you evolve your brand

VOC research takes many forms – from online surveys, to in-person interviews, and workplace usability tests. We excel in these areas and more:

Video ethnography

  • Observe your users in natural environments
  • Gain insights into behavior and needs
  • View and review user behavior
  • Create experience models
  • Present rich, documentary evidence to clients

Camera and journal studies

  • Put data-gathering tools in users’ hands
  • See the world through their eyes
  • Attach images to emotions
  • Capture spontaneous, unplanned data
  • Address personal and uncomfortable topics


  • Observe, interact with and interview a subject during the course of a day or experience
  • Understand events, experiences, decision-making processes

Ethnographic interview

  • In-depth interview to understand subjects’ worldview, life experiences, situations
  • Structured, yet open-ended dialog
  • Gets to the core of issues under investigation
  • Avoids stereotyping subjects
  • Rich data and quotes

Prototype testing

  • Participatory design experiences and co-creation
  • Observe interactions with concepts and prototypes
  • Record reactions
  • Paper models and wireframes
  • Immediate feedback to guide and refine design


While SPK Media’s research focuses primarily on web and technology users, SPK is also a partner in Consumer Research Associates.