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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

Websites that rank on the first or second pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines have skillfully managed the three major success factors in search engine optimization (SEO). Often, a solid SEO strategy is considered simply obtaining the right keywords and creating the respective meta data from them. This however, is only a part of search engine optimization.

Websites that rank on the first and second pages of Google and other search engines understand and carefully manage the following three critical SEO factors:

  1. Ensuring their website does not have any technical obstacles which are preventing Google and other search engines from crawling the website.
  2. Determining keywords and a keyword strategy which will help boost traffic and conversions to the website in both the short and long term.
  3. Continually identifying SEO link-building opportunities for other websites to link to your website to ensure the search engines understand your website’s relevance and importance in your industry and area.

With ever-changing search engine algorithms, as well as the ongoing and enormous importance of social media,  SPK Media’s search engine optimization consulting team understands managing these three SEO factors is both critical to a successful online marketing strategy and very time consuming. To help your business rank well with Google and other search engines, SPK Media offers a full service SEO program which will help you:

  1. Eliminate any technical barriers which may prevent search engines from crawling and understanding your website.
  2. Create and implement a solid keyword strategy for short-term search engine growth and long-term search engine positioning.
  3. Identify strong SEO link building opportunities to continually grow search engine significance and relevance of your website.
  4. Monitor and provide reports to you regarding visits to your website, conversions and search engine rankings to continually optimize your website for search engine optimization.

SPK Media’s search engine consulting services can also provide you a competitive analysis on how your business compares in search engine rankings with other businesses in your industry.